Commercial Applications of Biotechnology in Fisheries and Aquaculture
Sagar Vitthal Shinde and Kapil Sukhdhane
Fisheries and aquaculture are potential beneficiaries of a variety of commercial applications of biotechnology that might enhance sustainability, disease management, and production efficiency. Here are some significant applications of biotechnology. Enhancing desirable characteristics in fish and shellfish species involves the application of biotechnology techniques such as selective breeding, genetic engineering, and marker-assisted selection. Faster growth rates, disease resistance, increased feed conversion efficiency, and greater fillet quality are a few examples of these features. Disease control and prevention in aquaculture is greatly aided by biotechnology. Pathogens can be swiftly and precisely identified with the aid of diagnostic methods based on DNA/RNA analysis. The development of biotechnology-based vaccines has reduced the need for antibiotics and other chemical therapies by enabling the prevention of several viral, bacterial, and parasite infections. Biotechnology techniques like hormone manipulation, artificial insemination, and sex reversal enable controlled reproduction and spawning of fish species. This helps in the production of large numbers of fry, selective breeding programs, and the conservation of endangered species.
Genetic improvement, disease management, reproductive manipulation, environment monitoring, aquatic organism health
Corresponding Author
Sagar Vitthal Shinde
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  • Published online
  • 24th June, 2023
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