Infectious Bacterial Diseases in Cold-Water Aquaculture

Inain Jaies, Feroz A. Shah, Syed Shariq N. Qadiri and Shabir A. Dar

Due to the rising demand for fish consumption as food, aquaculture is now the food industry with the fastest rate of growth worldwide. The frequent occurrence of diseases and epizoonosis, however, is thought to be one of the main production bottlenecks. The majority of the diseases are caused by bacteria and parasites. According to Sahoo et al. (2017), diseases contribute between 5-10 percent of the production cost. The development of a certain fish disease is greatly influenced by the climate that prevails in a given zone, region, or nation.
Disease, aquaculture, fish, cold-water fisheries
Corresponding author
Inain Jaies 
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  • Published online
  • 24th June, 2023
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